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Copenhagen Green / Københavnergrøn

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COPENHAGEN GREEN presents 100 of the most exciting green spaces in and around the city.

Amazing photographs accompany thought-provoking articles about Copenhagen’s popular, lesser known and almost secret oases.

Read the stories behind all kinds of green spaces – from wide-open plains, secret gardens and parks to woodlands, lakes and bogs – and discover the range of activities they offer, from cycling, running and canoeing to kids’ playgrounds.

Copenhagen Green will help you get the most out of nature in and around the city.

Author: Susanne Sayers and Poul Arnedal
Hardcover / 21 x 30 cm
224 pages


KØBENHAVNERGRØN er bogen om 100 af de mest spændende grønne og rekreative steder i København og byens nærmeste omegn.

Her skildres både de kendte, de mindre kendte og de nærmest hemmelige oaser i fantastiske fotografier og tankevækkende tekster.

Her fortælles om de grønne åndehullers historie, deres rekreative kvaliteter og mangeartede aktivitetsmuligheder.

Forfatter: Susanne Sayers og Poul Arnedal
Hard cover / 21 x 30 cm
224 sider 


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